ITR dashboard fitment
S95Sedan on 16-09-2011
Since my old dashboard still had to be swapped over from my old ferio to my new coupe i decided to do so this afternoon. And since its held in place by only 5 bolts it shouldn't take too long anyway.

Started off by removing the old dashboard and dropping the steering column so the dashboard could actually be taken out. Even with a snap-off steeringwheel there isnt quite enough room to take it out without doing so.

Also since the heater unit of a honda integra is alot lower as a civic, because of that normally the whole heater unit has to be swapped, out but luckily by removing just one bolt in the engine compartement theres just enough room to tilt the whole heater unit forward and remove the screws on the top and clips on hte side of the top section of the heater unit.

(as seen on the pictures left and right)

When using an integra dash in a civic theres also the issue with wiring, since the cluster connectors are nowhere near the same theres also that issue.

(They are alot like the connectors from a civic ek)

As seen in the picture and because it was alot easier to just redo everything is decided to write everything down and build it from the ground up. Below is a wiring reference diagram in which corresponding wires of both the integra and civic are documented.

As of 2013 i redid the wiring once again and included the 'dash brightness controller' and 'sunroof wiring'. My old wiring was used to run my friends car which also has an integra dashboard.

|| CLUSTER || Page (1180 ITR) (1070 EG)
ITR Color EG Color Fuse|EG Amps Type Done Desc
B1 YEL/WHT B1 YEL/WHT * Out - Fuel Gauge
B2 LT-GRN/RED - - * Out - Door Light
B4 BLU/WHT - - * Out - Fuel Level
B6 ORN B2 YEL/BLU * Out - Speed Sens
B7 GRN A2 GRN * Out - Trunk Light
B8 RED/BLU A1 BLU/WHT x Out - Seatbelt Light
B9 RED B12 RED Bright cont. * Out - Gauge Lights
B10 RED/BLK B11 RED/BLK 19 10A Power * In - Gauge Lights
B11 BLK/YEL B10 BLK/YEL 1 15A Power * In - Charge Light
B12 WHT/GRN - - x In - Hazard Light
B13 GRN/BLU B4 GRN/BLU * In - Turn Signal L
B14 GRN/YEL B3 GRN/YEL * In - Turn Signal R
B15 RED/GRN A10 RED/GRN 10 10A Power * In - High Beam Light
B16 GRN/RED A9 GRN/RED * Out - Handb. Light
D1 PNK x Out - Hazard sw. EU
D2 PNK x Out - Service Light
D4 YEL/BLU A3 YEL 15 10A Power * In - Gauges Power
D5 RED/BLU - x Cruis cont.
D6 BLK A5 BLK Ground * Out - Gauges Ground
D7 YEL/GRN A4 YEL/GRN * Out - Coolant temp
D9 WHT/BLU B5 WHT/BLU * Out - Charge Light
D11 YEL/RED B6 YEL/RED * Out - Low oil Light
D12 GRN/ORN A6 GRN/ORN * Out - CEL Light
D13 BLU B8 BLU * Out - Tachometer

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