Suspension Setup & Future Goals
S95Sedan on 03-10-2011
After owning a EG8 (Honda Civic Sedan) for a while and having done several projects on that car in the past i finally decided to just start over from scratch on a new and fresh project car. Combined with the car being keyed and having several cosmetical problems this was an easy choise to be made.

Eventually i picked up a EJ2 (Honda Civic Coupe) from Rob010 in 'Rotterdam' which turned out to be a great car concidering the age it already was. (Thanks again rob!)

Since i already owned the same (sort of) model car before most of the suspension parts on the old car turned out to be a straight bolt-on onto to new car and could just be cleaned, overhauled and bolted onto the EJ2.

Being that i wanted to do things properly now and the best as possible i basically started collecting all of the required parts needed for the handling transformation. Some parts added though since on the old car i didn't pay too much attention to the front portion of the car as i would have wanted to.

The front of the car currently is fully adjustable and definitely to my likings, though some small parts have to be changed later. (Bushings especially and also the Powdercoating of the Lower Control Arms)

Rear setup, Control Arms, Subframe Brace, Swaybar is fully done and adjustable aswell. Still left to do at the rear though are the Trailerarm Bushings, Powdercoating and the Brakedisk Conversion.

Below included is a speclist of the current setup and parts to be added in the near future.

* Apexi N1 Pro Coilovers
* OEM 262mm Front Hubs (Powdercoated Grey)
* Brembo 282mm Brakedisks
* Endless CCR Brakepads
* OEM Wheelbearings
* OEM Tie Rods (Inner)
* OEM Tie Rod Ends
* OEM ITR 282mm Front Calipers (Powdercoated Blue)
* OEM EJ2 18mm Front Swaybar
* Buddyclub P1 Camber set
* Buddyclub P1 Roll Center Adjusters
* Ultra-Racing 3-Point Strutbar

* Function 7 Rear LCA
* ASR Rear Subframe Brace
* Blox-Racing Spherical endlinks
* OEM ITR 23mm Rear Swaybar (Powdercoated White)

* OEM ITR 262mm Rear Calipers (Powdercoated Blue)
* OEM Rear Hubs (Powdercoated Grey)
* Scarebird Disk Conversion
* Full Braided Lines (In Stock)
* 1" Brake Cylinder (In Stock)
* Adjustable Prop Brakebias Valve (In Stock)
* Replace Bushings to Polyurethane
* Replace Bolts to Titanium

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