RBC Manifold Porting [Part1]
S95Sedan on 03-09-2012
Since K20/K24 engines like every bit of extra air they can get i decided to smooth out each runner and fully port the RBC intake manifold. Also since i want a clean look most of the brackets for the cover, MAP sensor port, IACV port and other bits will be removed.

Started off by cutting off the cover to get easier access to each runner. The cover will be welded back on again when everything is to my likings.

The stock texture of the cast RBC manifold is very rough, a LOT of grinding will be required to get most of the texture removed to lessen the turbulence created because of that.

Next thing up was to make a rough outline of the ports, dividing each individual runner in sections which would aid a bit in the the grinding process. Also did some minor grinding on the 2nd runner which took about 2-3hours.

After about 15-20hours of work the ports are nearly done as seen on the pictures. Also most of the brackets are removed now.

To be continued...

Engine Setup & Buildup
S95Sedan on 24-02-2012
While having a D15B7 in the car is plenty for daily driving, when taking the same engine to the track it will definitely be challenging keeping up with the pace of other 'built' track cars.

With that in mind i started looking for an engine for my EJ2. Since i already did a big project engine on my EG8 (a D15Z6 Mini-e with throttle bodies) and having learnt from that engines flaws i wanted someting newer and with a little less milage on it.

Only possible sane option was to start saving up for a K-series engine. Though a K24A3 instead of the regular K20A(2) people normally use, mostly because of the K20 being almost twice as expensive as a K24. Internally the differences of this engine are minimal compared to the K20 while the horsepower can easily be raised from 190Hp (stock) to 250-300Hp (tuned/modded)

Below included is a speclist of the current setup and parts to be added in the near future. Probably loads missing but it should be a rough estimate.

* OEM K24A3 Engine (190HP/225Nm)
* OEM K20A Upper Chain Guide
* OEM RBC Intake Manifold (Ported/Polished)
* OEM RDX 440cc Injectors
* HPT Autosport Crank Guide
* Hybridracing Fuelrail
* Heatshield gasket
* HAMP Oil Filter

* Lightweight Flywheel
* Lightweight CrankPulley, Fluidampr/ATI Damper
* Hybridracing PS/AC Delete
* Hybridracing Chain Tensioner
* K-Tuned Upper Coolant Housing
* Custom Wiring Harness
* Mil-Spec Connectors (in stock)
* Mil-Spec Crimper/Pins (in stock)
* New OEM Honda Pins
* Paint and Powdercoat parts
* New Aluminium bolts, Anodized Black

* OEM K20A2 Transmission
* OEM RSX Shifter Box
* OEM RSX Shifter Cables

* Replace 3-4 Shifter Fork (in stock)
* Carbon Synchros 1-4
* Aftermarket LSD

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